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Pro Landscaper’s Lockdown Little Interview with Adam Pike

Pro Landscaper’s Lockdown Little Interview

Adam Pike,Operations Manager – Arborcare


So you’re self-isolating…who’s your favourite person to be locked up with?

My wife.

Name one thing that’s changed about your daily routine that you’re going to take forward after lockdown’s over?

Family breakfast.

How many cups of tea/coffee are you now drinking per day?

Tea between 10 to 15 which is less than when I’m in the office.

Best new Netflix/boxset series or book you’ve discovered?

Terry Pratchett books.

What do you miss most about life before lockdown?


DIY vs gardening – which wins?


What time is wine o’clock?

5 or 6 depending if we are in the garden or not.

When working from home is your background choice radio/tv/silence?


In hindsight, what would you have prepared in advance (ie food/diy products etc)?

More beer and wine.

Is the government doing a good job of keeping you informed?


What’s your predicted date for return to normality?

Beginning of June.

Best new follow on social media?

Local Facebook groups who give info about food delivery.


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