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Pro Landscaper’s Lockdown Little Interview with Sam Day

by | 22 Apr 20 | News

Sam Day, Location Landscapes

So you’re self-isolating…who’s your favourite person to be locked up with? I think Sandy Toksvig would be fantastic to spend any amount of time with.  Vast and varied knowledge and a brilliant  sense of humour. Having said that, I should probably say my wife….

Name one thing that’s changed about your daily routine that you’re going to take forward after lockdown’s over? I love my new “constant snacking” routine but that isn’t beneficial to my health! I think I’ll try to calm down more when assessing tasks. I try to do too much at once. I need to take a mental breath sometimes.

How many cups of tea/coffee are you now drinking per day? I have 2 kids under twelve, so it takes me 3 cups just to get going in the morning! I’m more worried about the quantity of biscuits I’m eating with the teas!

Best new Netflix/boxset series or book you’ve discovered? “Tales from the Loop” on Amazon. Not for everyone but fantastic if you know the artwork it was inspired by.

What do you miss most about life before lockdown? Pubs, restaurants, friends, family – everything.

DIY vs gardening – which wins? I like DIY in the garden!

What time is wine o’clock? After the kids are in bed.

When working from home is your background choice radio/tv/silence? I’m easily distracted so Classic FM is best for a little gentle music. Impossible to sing along to!

In hindsight, what would you have prepared in advance (ie food/diy products etc)? Flour!!  I would have bought a chicken and bags of flour!

Is the government doing a good job of keeping you informed? Stay inside is a fairly clear and simple message! Daily updates are important and, so far, that’s been fine.

What’s your predicted date for return to normality? This will change how we all live and work for a long time after the vaccine is found so I have no idea if things will return to how they were. I would hope that most aspects of life will be running to some degree by autumn.

Best new follow on social media? I’m not a big social media follower.  I have been enjoying Patrick Stewart’s ‘Sonnet a Day’.



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