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Remaining productive and profitable during winter

Late autumn and winter mark the end of the gardening season for many, which is fine if gardening is a hobby but less ideal for businesses. There are plenty of ways to keep busy as a landscaper or garden designer during the colder months. Outlined below are some ideas to stay productive and profitable.

Jobs Outside

The arrival of winter brings new jobs and the beginning of a different type of gardening:

  • Protect plants from the elements – Adding a light amount of compost to form a mound around the base of plants provides the roots with protection from frost.
  • Pruning – Particular species of shrubs and roses can be cut down by a third to prevent them catching and getting damaged by the wind. Pruning can also encourage growth and larger blooms for the next season.
  • Digging – Digging a garden over can improve soil quality. Doing so in the winter can use the frost to help break down heavy and drier soil.
  • Leaves and debris – Insects like to live underneath the autumn leaves and certain species may damage and eat garden plants. Clearing them ensures this doesn’t happen, tidies gardens up, makes paths less slippery and fuels compost piles.

Jobs Inside

Get inspired and begin planning for the year ahead:

  • New year, new seeds: planting and sowing. Look around in books and websites for ideas for spring sowing.
  • Diary planning. Begin booking up your diary for any design or build projects that have been delayed or customers want to book in advance.
  • Winter is a great time to clean and organise tools. Oil and service machinery and sharpen blades, to ensure everything is ready for use in the spring.

Winter merely marks a change in season and a new list of tasks to do, keeping businesses productive. There are plenty of jobs to keep gardening business afloat over winter. The colder months provide an opportunity as people and businesses retreat indoors, leaving many tasks available to landscapers.

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