Provender Nurseries and Capel Manor continue competition

Provender Nurseries and Capel Manor College continue into the 8th year of Student Design Competition. Judges selected Clare Waters’ winning design from over 45 designs.

The students of Level 3 Certificate in Garden Design each had 5 minutes to present their design to the panel. Each student was then given a Q&A session with feedback from the judging panel. The judging was held over 2 days at the Regent’s Park campus.
The judging panel consists of Liz Hughes at Provender Nurseries, Judy Fish of CEPC at Regent’s Park and Ric Glenn at CEPC, Regent’s Park.
The panel had a wide range of expertise between them from varying angles. The lecturers felt that feedback given to the students reflects this.
The brief given to the students is part of the curriculum and was different from previous years. This year the bed given to the students for redesign is in the Residents private garden: Park Square and Park Crescent Gardens.
The redesign had to take into account the design principles of John Nash. These were used around Regent’s Park when the gardens were first created and reflected in the surrounding architecture.
The assignment was to focus on swathes of herbaceous and shrub planting, with a naturalistic feel. Each student had a paper of Planting Principles and Design produced by the CEPC for use at Regent’s Park.
Clare Waters design and presentation was well presented. The judges said it was very professional piece of work. The design consisted of repeated forms and unity created by large drifts of herbaceous perennials. The elevation drawing was excellent. The plants in the plant list were well represented.
Sophie Guinness said;” I am very proud of the work and dedication that all the students put into this project. There were many original approaches investigated in this design. Clare’s design stood out as true to the brief and beautifully planted.
“I know that the students have enjoyed the project and the relationship that they have had with the CEPC. They’ve been exceptional clients. The presentation and judging process is very useful to the students.
Liz Hughes said; “The quality of the work produced for this assignment was excellent. There was a great understanding of the garden and associated maintenance issues. Clare’s design was sympathetic to the private residents who have access to the garden with a subdued colour scheme of purple, pink, green and silver.”
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