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    PSD Groundscare simplifies high grass cutting

    PSD Groundscare reveals their new product the AS 63 Brushcutter which offers a high performance and easy handling solution to cutting high grass even on slopes or where access is limited Its low weight, vibration damping and handlebar adjustment makes the AS 63 exceptionally user friendly, and its fold-down handles ease transportation and storage. There are also twin wheel kits available, and the AS 63 is available with either 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke engines.

    Features of the AS 63 Brushcutter

    Mulch and mow in one step

    The cross-blade system of the AS 63 Allmäher® easily cuts and chops even high growth and impresses with its outstanding cutting performance and excellent mulching result.

    Permanent traction, manoeuvrability and safety

    The robust transmission with limited-slip differential ensures reliable propulsion and enables safe working even on difficult, steep terrain and on wet soil.

    Conical mower hood – perfect cut

    The conical, rear-taper mower deck, as well as the pivot wheels attached outside of the cutting pattern, ensure an optimal inflow of the material that will be cut by the cross-blade. Through this design, the grass is cut in a relatively upright, ideal position, with excellent cutting and mulching results.

    Steep slope power, high performance, safety and easy handling

    The low weight (approx. 70 kg), good ergonomics with an anti-vibration system and powerful, robust motorisation make the AS 63 the ideal mower on slopes. In this regard, the 2-stroke engine variant is extremely powerful and offers extreme climbing ability. For the first time, the redesigned 2-stroke engine is equipped with a convenient EasyStart function, and has an electronic ignition.

    Safety is important!

    The AS 63 has an automatic speed limiter for driving downhill, an automatic limited-slip differential and an automatic parking brake that engages when releasing the traction drive.

    The AS 63 really is an outstanding brushcutter – dealing with long grass and steep slopes with ease.

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