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    Q Lawns Topsoil


    Q Lawns are best known for their turfgrass, their wild flower matting and their Enviromat sedum matting but did you also know that Q Lawns also supply topsoil?

    Topsoil from Q Lawns is just what you’d expect from this well-known industry supplier; Good quality, sensibly priced and readily available.  Q Lawns topsoil has been featuring in several episodes of Alan Titchmarsh’s garden makeover programme “Love Your Garden”.

    Q Lawns soils are available in bulk or in dumpy bags and can normally be delivered to site within 2 working days of an order being placed. All of our soils are screened down to 10mm.

    Very popular with Alan Titchmarsh and with trade and retail customers alike is Black Beauty grade topsoil.

    Black Beauty Topsoil

    Similar soil type to the growing medium in Q Lawns turf, this screened topsoil is rich in organic matter, reasonably lightweight for barrowing around and shovelling and it is this amazing rich dark colour that fascinates customers.  Black Beauty is great for growing fruit and veg because it’s quick to warm up in springtime and will retain heat for longer in the autumn…so it effectively extends the growing season and the colour contrast between the black soil and the green leaves is visually attractive.  So good from the landscaper’s point of view, from the plant’s perspective and from a design outlook too.

    Q Lawns hold a considerable stock of this topsoil in dumpy bags so as long as your order is received before 12 noon, it can be normally be delivered to you the next day

    Our dumpy bags hold 0.8 m3 of topsoil (approximately 1 cubic yard). One dumpy bag full of soil will fill a raised bed 1m wide x 1m long x 80cm deep

    Norfolk Loam Topsoil

    A general purpose topsoil, Norfolk Loam can be used for pre-turfing preparation, re-levelling, creating rock gardens or simply filling planters. Supplied in dumpy bags or in bulk. This is a sandy loam, virtually stone free that has been tested and certified to BS3882:2007

    Organic Green Compost – Soil Improver

    A PAS100 certified organic compost that has been screened to 10mm. Very friable and lightweight,  so it’s easy to handle and because it adds humus and nutrients, organic green compost lends itself to all sorts of applications including soil conditioning. It’s an excellent alternative to peat and will help you do your bit for the environment.

    Organic Blended Topsoil

    Awesome stuff! A blend of Kettering Loam and Organic Green Compost, screened down to 10mm, Organic Blended Topsoil is just the ticket for flower borders or veg plots.  Bursting with nutrients, it has a nice crumbly texture and is incredibly plant friendly.

    Also available are a specialist fruit n veg growing blend of topsoil and standard screened topsoil. Samples of any or all of these grades are available from Q Lawns – contact Kevin Harden on 07917 162722 or email [email protected]

    More information is available here


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