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Quercus & a Mini Oak Forest at Ecobuild 2015 stand S6104

A mini forest of over a thousand oak trees are currently being nurtured by Somerset based Quercus®UK Ltd, in preparation for their transportation to Ecobuild where they will take centre stage as part of Quercus’ exhibit. This is a recurring theme for Quercus, working with oak day in and day out, making fencing products builds a strong connection with the material -so we regularly enhance our display with saplings, then give then away to fellow oak lovers who will take them & plant them.

The use of the oak saplings picks up Ecobuilds super green theme. Quercus want the planting to demonstrate the importance of the oak tree as a truly sustainable raw material, robust & naturally durable like the Quercus Fences.  The company use oak on all their products which has received the Forest Stewardship Council’s(FSC) certification. A symbol all people buying wood products should look out for to ensure its sustainability.

Lisa Poynton MD & oak grower commented, “Oak is a strong, stunningly beautiful and sustainable hardwood which is why we use it for all our products, our company is named after it. Our oak fences and other garden products don’t need treating like softwood fencing and they will all weather and age gracefully and last for many years. It was our forebears who thought to plant woodlands of oak who have enabled generations of craftsmen to build boats, buildings and fences throughout history. Our saplings will grow on to become the oak forests of the future for generations to come, to use and enjoy. We want our display to pay homage to this very special tree which is acknowledged as nation’s most enduring native.”



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