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Renson’s Got You Covered

Renson’s ambassador, Life Outdoors, recently transformed a client’s outdoor space into a premium outdoor living area to maximise on its potential. The clients’ spacious garden had not fulfilled their vision to have a dedicated area for socialising and entertaining with friends and family.

Following the brief, Life Outdoors suggested the Renson Camargue, a stylish and modern aluminium louvered canopy that would fulfil the clients’ needs and complemented the prerequisites of the clients’ striking garden and surrounding house.

To cover the entirety of the space, three Camargues were interlocked to create a seamless space giving immediate shelter for anyone sitting in the area. The sophisticated technology of the louvered roof means the canopy would protect the clients and their guests from sun, rain, and wind whilst providing ventilation, dependent on the needs of the environment and client. To do this, the Camargue roofs consist of extruded aluminium blades which can be controlled by a remote to suit the clients’ preference. It’s these blades that offer protection from the sun, wind and rain so there’s no stopping this family from using the space all year round. For example, during the warmer months, the hot air will escape, providing ventilation. For the winter or evenings, the blades can be closed to become water-resistant so the laughter and dining can carry on regardless of the change in weather. The structure becomes water resistant through the rainwater being discharged through to the columns legs via the integrated water guiding ducts. This system even works in the morning or day after a rain shower because when opening the blades, the water will automatically discharge via the legs, so the furniture or leftover belongings underneath the canopy remain dry.

With choosing the Camargue, the client could make further customisable additions such as LED lighting incorporated into the roof blades. When discussing the lighting options available, Life Outdoors informed the client of the two options – bright white or warm white. To complement their choice of the glass sliding walls, the bright white option was specified. These options would therefore create a brighter internal environment. These lights could be dimmed or turned off depending on their preference at the time, so the socialising can continue through the night. With this space being wanted for entertaining, a Bluetooth bar was also specified, an option invisibly integrated into the design of the Camargue which is controlled via an application on the client’s smartphone to make creating the perfect ambience easy for all.

These three Camargues have turned an already stunning exterior into an area that appeals to all ages and brings the whole family together to create memorable moments all year round and in all climates and weathers.

For more information on Renson’s complete range of louvered canopies contact Life Outdoors on either info@life-outdoors.co.uk or call them on 01732884030

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