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RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2017 Q&A – Conceptual Garden – Miracle/Elements of Life

Venturing underground, visitors to the garden are able to explore soil and roots to appreciate the importance of well-maintained soil. The pear tree stands alone in a natural wild meadow, with the base being engraved in stainless steel, displaying the soil elements. The sponsors for this conceptual garden are Scleroderma, Raynaud’s UK, Eskilstuna AMA Sweden, Capel Manor College and it is contracted by Wilder Garden Design.

Q&A with the garden designer, Bill Wilder:

What do you anticipate the biggest challenge of the build to be?

The garden weights over six tonnes, so it would be how to hold the soil and roots up.

What are the stand out feature(s) of the garden?

On a stainless-steel base, in which the names of all the elements are engraved, sits a large water tank. The water symbolises life, and the movement of bubbles within it — which are visible to the viewer — represent the exchange of elements within the plants’ roots. Above the water, the roots of the plants are visible, encased in a transparent cube. At ‘ground level’ a wildflower meadow and single fruit tree are thriving.

Are there any new/unique plants visitors should look out for?

We are looking into making it a permanent feature after the show, so the plants are tough — they have to be at 2.5m high, as well as our pomegranate tree, Punica granatum.

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