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RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2017 Q&A – Gardens for a Changing World – The Power to Make a Difference

By drawing on elements behind the destructive effects of man on nature, as well as the importance of nurturing our environment, Joe Francis has created a garden of intricacy. Vivid and plentiful foliage surrounds the centre piece, strengthening the idea of rebirth and the impact of change. The contractor is Josh Jupp Landscapes.

Q&A with the garden designer, Joe Francis:

What do you anticipate the biggest challenge of the build to be?

Probably taking such a load of rejected material — rubble, broken concrete, rubbish and waste material — and sculpting it into a beautiful garden scene, with both visual and practical appeal.

What are the stand out feature(s) of the garden?

A huge block of ice with iris flowers frozen inside it, standing atop the mound of rubble.

Are there any new/unique plants visitors should look out for?

We’re hoping to salvage and reuse plants from other shows, such as Chelsea and Chatsworth, in the garden, which is in line with the ethos of the project.

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