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RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2017 Q&A – Show Gardens – Blind Veterans UK ‘It’s all about community garden’

The garden reflects the sense of community within the charity, which helps veterans who have lost their site to recover their independence. It will include a number of features, created by the blind veterans themselves. This garden is sponsored by Blind Veterans UK, contracted by Landform Consultants and the plants are supplied by Hillier Trees and others.

Q&A with the garden designers, Andrew Fisher Tomlin & Dan Bowyer:

What do you anticipate the biggest challenge of the build to be?

Dan: Coordinating all of the different craftsman that we are working with. The interaction between the willow sculptures, the oak buildings and the ironwork will be challenging, but something we are excited about.

What are the stand out feature(s) of the garden?

Dan: I am particularly excited about the willow walk in the garden, for which we have commissioned Tom Hare, who is sending us regular updates. We have seen the willow walkway in his workshop, but it will come to life when positioned within the planting, where you will then be able to walk through it.

Are there any new/unique plants visitors should look out for?

Dan: We have a particularly impressive Liquidambar styraciflua, which will be planted right in the centre of the garden.

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