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RHS Rosemoor’s Winter Garden to be transformed

by | 07 Feb 24 | Garden Design, News

The Winter Garden at RHS Rosemoor in Devon, will be undergoing a redesign that is set to reveal some of the site’s existing features. 

The new design by landscape designer Jo Thompson will merge the Winter Garden, which was established in 1996,  with the three surrounding Model Gardens, doubling it in size whilst creating a new ‘unified’ landscape. 

Low-level planting will open up vistas across the garden, while island beds of herbaceous planting and grasses will bring in seasonal colour. 

Rosemoor Winter garden from above new design will connect with the wider landscape.
Image credit RHS / Jason Ingram

The colours have been chosen for their seasonality, with the peak interest reserved for winter. Plants will be selected that help create connectivity between the existing and new half of the garden. 

Thompson’s design includes a rare Fraxinus profunda (pumpkin ash), a Catalpa, a stand of  birch and Japanese maples – creating a sense of maturity to the space. 

Speaking on the new design, Thompson says: “I wanted to turn this vast space into a welcoming area dedicated to winter structure and colour. I  am opening it up with new routes and new views so the visitors feel tempted to explore the  whole garden and make it a central feature of RHS Rosemoor.”

The new design will create a garden forming two halves, the existing Winter Garden will not be undergoing many changes aside from the improvement of its plant content. This includes the removal or pruning of plants which have outgrown the landscape.

The three Model Gardens at the top of the site will form the new half- these have been designed with accessibility and views in mind, helping to link all the surrounding buildings with the garden landscape. 

On the Formal gardens central axis reside two mature oak trees at each end of the Long borders- the creation of a large meadow and removal of several beds will create a visual link down the length of the garden. 

The planting will take place between autumn 2024 and spring 2025. 

For more information on the garden visit the RHS here.

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