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Robert Webber talks garden lighting at FutureScape 2015

The founder of Scenic Lighting Robert Webber shed some light on the art of garden lighting for the audience at FutureScape 2015, using examples of projects undertaken by his own company before taking questions from the audience.

He divided up the seminar into his three simple principles: functional lighting, which helps its user carry out basic tasks in the garden and tends to be high up and bright as well as on its own circuit; aesthetic lighting, which is used to help create a certain mood or atmosphere to fit in with the client’s requirement; and feature lighting, which is used to highlight particular features within the garden.

Robert also briefly touched on cocktail lighting, a mix of all three principles, before answering questions from the audience. These tackled a variety of topics, including coloured lighting, LED compared to halogen, electricity supply, solar lighting, and if there are rules of wattages in positioning.

An extremely informative seminar which provided an easy-to-use guide for those looking to improve on or diversify into garden lighting.

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