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Rochdale Borough Council is reducing its use of pesticides

Rochdale Borough Council is reducing its use of pesticides, which are commonly used to treat public land.
The council’s commitment to find alternative treatments builds on the steps taken in recent years to improve the local environment and increase biodiversity across the borough. This has involved increasing wildflower planting and naturalising the highway verges.
The council’s currently conducting research into alternative weed control options and has met with local campaigners and representatives from national charity, Pesticide Action Network.
This year the council’s stopping the use of glyphosate, a commonly used weed killer, on shrub beds in parks. Other treatment methods such as mulching will be used to establish the most efficient alternative.
The weed killer will not be used in close proximity to schools and play areas, and the council is mapping school walking routes to explore opportunities for introducing alternative treatments in those areas.
Councillor Neil Emmott, cabinet member for environment at Rochdale Borough Council, said:
“We have done a lot recently to improve the natural environment across the borough and the public has been really supportive of our actions so far. We want to make further changes so we can be as friendly to our environment as possible and reducing the use of weed killer is important step in achieving this.”
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