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    Sally Cunningham to lead new courses at Barnsdale Gardens

    Barnsdale Gardens are very pleased to announce a new series of one-day courses for 2015 with Sally Cunningham, a writer, lecturer and gardening expert with an extensive knowledge and interest in horticultural and environmental topics.

    She specialises in organic gardening and growing unusual crops, so her new courses at Barnsdale Gardens promise plenty of weird and wonderful surprises for existing gardeners who would like to try some different varieties or learn something new.

    Growing Unusual Vegetables Monday 20 April, 10.30am-4.30pm.

    Got a glut of runners? Overflowing with courgettes? Want to try something different? For those who want to grow beyond potatoes, broad beans and lettuce, but aren’t sure where to start… come and be inspired! Sally will show you how to grow unusual varieties such as perennial kale, mustard and Oriental brassicas, globe artichokes, cardoons, trench celery, seakale, pea beans and asparagus peas, sorrel, Turkish rocket, outdoor cucumbers and more.

    Growing Exotic Vegetables Wednesday 24 June, 10.30am-4.30pm This course is aimed at more adventurous gardeners, and covers a wide range of edible plants you may not have thought possible to grow in the UK. So if you fancy having a go at tamarids or tindora, karella or kalonjee, join us for a voyage of gardening discovery, with growing tips on outdoor and protected cultivation of exotic crops that include chickpeas, soya beans, tomatillos and other edible Solanums, sweet potatoes, pepino and Chinese keys. Recipe suggestions and a list of seed and plant suppliers provided!

    Ever wondered exactly what some of those beasties are as you work in the garden? Are they out to eat your precious plants? This course is an introduction to garden pests and predators, and the others which simply live in your garden and are neither good nor bad… just are, like rain! Join Sally for a garden tour to find some of the many creatures which share your garden with you and learn how to use basic field guides and identify creatures correctly. You’ll find out how to encourage predators and beneficial insects, discover how to extend the flowering season by careful planting choices and learn which are the favourite flowers for bees.

    Each course costs £74, and includes lunch and entry to the Gardens for the rest of the day. Pre-booking essential!
    Visit www.barnsdalegardens.co.uk/call 01572 813200/email [email protected]

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