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Say hello to clean energy with the only true battery solution for commercial landscaping

by | 21 Dec 23 | Partner Content, Sustainability

Embark on a revolutionary journey with Kress, where a 100% battery charge in just 8 minutes sets a new standard. Not only does this innovative technology break records, but it is truly sustainable, clean and powerful. It’s the power of petrol, without petrol.

In a groundbreaking shift for the landscaping industry, Kress has emerged as a pioneer of zero-emission products with its state-of-the-art battery system. By closing the power gap with traditional petrol tools, Kress eliminates the need for the continued use of noisy, dirty, and financially burdensome petrol equipment.

This technological breakthrough not only enhances performance but also addresses environmental concerns, reducing noise pollution and lowering the carbon footprint associated with fossil-fueled tools. Moreover, the economic advantages are evident, as Kress provides a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to petrol tools.

Kress’s innovative approach marks a transformative moment for the landscaping sector, bringing in a new era of sustainability and efficiency, exemplifying why the company was chosen to be the headline partner for Pro Landscaper’s inaugural Sustainability & Biodiversity Awards, which took place in November.

The Kress CyberTank stores ample energy for the sustained operation of a landscaping team throughout the day, eliminating the mess of fuel refills, and wasted time and money at the petrol station. The CyberPack batteries recharge from 0 to 100% in just 8 minutes, creating the world’s first truly cordless system for commercial landscaping.

Witness the exceptional capabilities of the CyberPack batteries, showcasing not only ultra-fast charging on the go but also a higher output power compared to alternative batteries. Experience the longevity of the Kress CyberSystem, boasting an extraordinary 10× battery service life, reinforced by an impressive warranty.

Embrace a future where efficiency meets sustainability for professional landscapers, all powered by the groundbreaking technology of the Kress CyberTank and its cutting-edge CyberPack batteries.

Discover the full range of revolutionary battery powered Kress tools here:

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