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SCAG Cheetahs show their cost-saving benefits

As the result of an on-site groundcare machinery demonstration by Dominic Mason and Mike Chater of Simon Tullett Machinery, Dave Whincup of Sportsground Maintenance and Supplies in Frocester, Gloucestershire made the decision that the purchase of two SCAG Cheetah zero-turn ride-on mowers would make direct and indirect economic sense for his team and the catalogue of work they carry out.

Certain areas of grass were proving to be costly in terms of time and manpower using their bat-wing rotary. Dave was convinced that, despite the 61” Cheetah having less than half the cut width of the bat-wing, the machine is so manoeuverable and so fast when cutting that the areas would be cut more quickly.

He’s happy with his purchase and has proved his point – but the benefits don’t stop there. Taking a big area mower to a site means a trailer – with a 4 x 4 and a suitably trained operative – but a Cheetah can be transported on a truck back. Less fuel, lighter weight to carry, easier access – and even a saving because of fewer tyres to wear out on the transport.

Dave has been very pleased also with the cut performance of the Cheetahs. His range of machinery includes bat-wing cylinder mowers, and though they can’t match the finish of a cylinder he has found that, again, certain areas can be just as favourably cut with the fast and agile rotary-cut Cheetahs. To enhance the finished appearance in certain areas he also has one of the units kitted out with the SCAG striper kit.

In praise of the Cheetah itself, he has been very impressed with the speed of cut and how fast the unit is between non-cutting areas – and, of all things, probably his favourite aspect is the “incredibly easy oil-change”. And, to complete the praise of the Cheetahs, Dave’s own words: “We’re still discovering new areas where we can use these machines”


The machines are available for demonstration through the STM dealership network. To find your nearest dealer ring 01789 488450, email [email protected] or look at our website


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