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Six Inches of Soil gets Picturehouse Green Screen tour

by | 30 Jan 24 | Nature & Biodiversity, News, Sustainability

Following its global launch at COP28, regenerative and agroecology documentary, Six Inches of Soil is set to be shown as part of Picturehouse Green Screen.

The documentary will commence its 13 cinema tour on Tuesday 19 March, with a red-carpet gala event at Cambridge Arts.

Going on to screen at Picturehouse Cinemas in Crouch End (London), Norwich, Brighton, Bath, Henley, Exeter, Liverpool, Chester, Oxford, Edinburgh, York and Ealing (London).

Audiences will be given the opportunity to discuss the issues raised by the film, with the documentary’s director Colin Ramsay and producer Claire Machenzie set to join some of the discussion.

A number of special guests are yet to be confirmed by the local cinemas- all updates will be published by Picturehouse via its social media channels.

Producer Claire Mackenzie is encouraging “people across the country of all ages, farmers and non-farmers/ growers to see it and to understand how important our soil is and what we need to do to regenerate it.”

Colin Ramsay, director adds: “British farmers are becoming increasingly aware of how industrial scale tillage, monocultures and chemical input practices have depleted our soils and hammered our biodiversity.

“By reducing inputs and disturbance and using local supply chains, farmers can increase profits, reduce their carbon footprint and build resilience, putting them and their communities back in control.”

Six Inches of Soil follows the story of young British farmers tackling the industrial food system, transforming the way they produce food- to heal the soil, improve consumer health and provide for local communities.

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