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Smiths Bletchington’s Gabion limestone blocks

by | 09 Aug 20 | News


Smiths Bletchington’s Gabion limestone blocks have been primarily used to fill gabion baskets for ground stabilisation, be it river banks, railway and road embankments and bridge abutments. Smiths’ tells us how the way in which this stone product is being used is changing. 

Our gabion stone is a crushed Cotswold limestone with its typical Cotswold hues – warm creams and honey appearance – which offers landscape designers a softer more natural appearance to any large engineering project where the stone is left exposed. Equally this can be used to enhance any smaller landscape or garden project.

With the ability to supply a mixture of sizes in both stone and basket it has opened up a whole new creative use for this product. Landscape and garden designers are using these ‘architectural’ features in their new concepts.

Other designs where our gabion stone has been used is when incorporating other ‘objects’ which may suit the surrounding environment – such as recycled coloured bottles. The simplest of ideas are usually the ones that work best.

Another possibility is that just to face the basket with the Cotswold gabion stone and fill the remainder with a less expensive alternative.

In the example shown, the Smiths Cotswold gabion limestone is ‘facing’ a wired gabion basket in ‘haha’ landscape project., giving uninterrupted views across the countryside! A design which shows both the engineering and practical side, along with the visually appealing aspect of this simple Cotswold stone!

A win win situation.

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