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    Smiths’ decorative shingle

    Pick the right decorative shingle and it can brighten up any garden design! Giving that landscaped project the finishing touch.

    Smiths’ range of decorative shingle is one of quality and can boast the supply of the genuine Cotswold stone shingle. With lovely warm, honey and cream colours of the region, it is a classic shingle that sits very well in most environments.

    Oxford range of decorative shingle is a blend of subtle neutral beiges and creams. A versatile shingle for driveways, paths, landscaping and even as a weed suppressant.

    There is also the Cotswold Limestone Chippings, with its more angular shape and subtle colours and warm charm. Once more a versatile shingle that can use in most landscape projects.

    If your requirements are a little bolder in colour then how about the Oxford Blue – a striking mix of dark ‘Oxford’ blue, black and white! Or the ever popular Pea Shingle– perfect for dressing driveways, paths or for general landscaping. Both ideal for that landscape design which requires a contrasting effect.

    This is but a hint of what is on offer… a large range of shingles, various sizes, various colours with smooth and irregular shapes. If you have a project in mind and would like some expert help, then contact Smiths.

    It can also offer the sub-base material – sands and gravels – it’s something to build on…


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