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South Staffordshire District Council and The Landscape Group Rally Together to Clear Storm Damage

The Landscape Group’s South Staffordshire team were called upon twice in one week in early May to provide emergency assistance following tree damage caused by heavy winds and rain, leaving trees posing immediate risks to public safety.

The first emergency call-out made to The Landscape Group concerned a tree that had lost a limb, with a second limb having become dangerously hung-up in the tree.  The hung-up limb had become stuck, teetering over a public area and posing a danger to passers-by.  The Landscape Group team was called outside of normal working hours, as an important public safety priority.  The team worked quickly to make the tree safe by removing the hung up limb and all other deadwood, including further tears from broken branches damaged by the weather.

The second emergency came when a tree fell and was left in contact with a home in Perton, again posing a risk to public safety and for further damage to surrounding buildings.  The Landscape Group team responded quickly and were at the scene within thirty minutes of the tree having fallen.  This fast response was possible due to the effective procedures in place between South Staffordshire District Council and The Landscape Group.  Andy Cousins, Grounds Maintenance and Bereavement Services Officer for South Staffordshire District Council, attended the site first to assess the situation, consequently escalating the case as an emergency to The Landscape Group who were then able to act quickly to ensure the safety of local residents.

The delighted homeowner was thrilled with the speedy response and commented that he couldn’t believe how quickly South Staffordshire District Council and The Landscape Group had worked to ensure that the windblown tree was made safe.

The Landscape Group’s tree team pictured includes Steve and Mike Price (brothers). Steve Price commented on last week’s emergency operations:

“It’s always tough to work in such difficult environmental conditions but we enjoy the challenge of emergency call outs as you never know what to expect.  It’s a pleasure  to go home when the job is done knowing that the residents of the houses can relax knowing their homes are safe once again.”

Councillor Mary Bond, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services said:  “The adverse weather we’ve been having recently always produces some challenges.  However, by working with our partners we can ensure dangerous damage caused by extreme weather can be made safe quickly, and any damage to residents’ homes can be minimised.”

Eddy Griffiths, Contract Manager for The Landscape Group in South Staffordshire comments:

“Normally when carrying out this type of work a lot of damage has already occurred from the tree’s initial impact with the building and it’s always a challenge for my team to then make the tree safe without causing any further damage to the building and any more distress for the homeowner. In this case the lads did an outstanding job removing the tree without any further impact on the house, under the watchful eye of the home owner and local residents who braved the wind and rain. Well done guys!”




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