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South West to benefit from latest rewilding cash injection

by | 19 Apr 23 | Featured Slider, Nature & Biodiversity, News, Topics

More than £120k has been awarded across 10 rewilding projects across Britain to boost their efforts to combat the nature and climate crises through rewilding. Several of the successful projects are based in the South West.

National charity Rewilding Britain has awarded up to £15k to 10 projects in the latest round of its Rewilding Innovation Fund. The biannual fund supports innovative approaches to rewilding land and sea.

Sara King, rewilding manager for Rewilding Britain, says: “The recent UN climate report was crystal clear: we need swift and drastic action to avert the nature and climate crises, and rewilding is a proven method by which to do that.

“All these projects – plus the 13 others we have already funded through the Innovation Fund – are actively working to restore damaged habitats, reintroduce lost species and recover fractured ecosystems. They are also delivering a myriad of other benefits offered by rewilding, such as implementing natural carbon solutions, strengthening the green economy and improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.”

The Thousand Year Trust, which protects Celtic temperate rainforest environments, will be operating in the Cabilla Valley at the heart of Bodmin Moor. Through its Thousand Year Project, the Trust is looking to triple the 100-acre temperate rainforest in the valley and return all the species missing from it, including the wildcat. The Trust is expanding from this initial site to restore rainforests across the UK.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust recently acquired 97 acres of nature-poor land on the borders of its largest nature reserve, Helman Tor, increasing the reserve to 734 acres – almost twice the size of Hyde Park. Funding from the Rewilding Innovation Fund will fund a report with detailed recommendations for rewilding.

Two marine projects are also being supported. A further six projects have received funding from £6,350 to £15k.

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