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Speakers announced for SoilsCon 2017

This year’s annual soils conference, organised by soil scientist and landscape consultant Tim O’Hare, takes place on Wednesday 18 October, and will provide delegates  – landscape architects, garden designers, landscape contractors, housebuilders, developers, soil suppliers and local authorities – with knowledge, practical ideas and solutions to take away with them and apply to their own projects.

For the third year running, an impressive line-up of seven respected industry speakers promises a full day of professional development, discussion and networking. And, for the first time, Tim O’Hare Associates will be holding a Soil Surgery throughout the event where delegates can speak to a consultant about their specific soil query.

Topics this year will cover:

  • The management and re-use of ‘Greenfield’ site soils
  • New generation soil conditioning technology
  • The client’s perspective – what you can’t see does matter!
  • Soil considerations for podium landscapes
  • Designing valuable landscapes from the soil up
  • Sustainable urban tree planting
  • Mycorrhizal fungi and its role in facilitating water and nutrient uptake


Presentation programme:

  1. The successful management and re-use of ‘Greenfield’ site soils – a case study

Tim White, senior Aasociate, Tim O’Hare Associates LLP

Soils on Greenfield sites are a valuable natural resource. They are, however, also a major financial and environmental liability if not managed properly during construction. This case study examines a large Greenfield development site where a complex range of landscape environments were proposed (street trees, ornamental shrubs, native woodland, swales, wetlands, grasslands and sports pitches). Tim will summarise the findings of the initial Soil Resource Survey, which identified various soil types with differing properties, and then go through the sequence of events that unfolded during the earthworks phases. He will look at the consequences when things don’t always go to plan, and how to rectify potential problems.

  1. New generation soil conditioning technology

Davy Ottevaere, technical manager at TerraCottem BVBA

Davy will discuss why only ‘degraded’ soils are considered poor and in need of improvement when, perhaps, all soils lack certain physical, chemical and/or microbiological features to be in an optimum state for plant development, requiring a new generation of soil conditioning technology.

  1. The client’s perspective – what you can’t see does matter!

Phil Askew, director of landscape design & management at Peabody, leading on Thamesmead

As a client Phil is equally interested in what happens below the surface as above. He will consider the fundamentals to achieving a successful project from this perspective.

  1. Podium landscapes – considerations for soil types, depths, specifications, membranes and much more

Tim O’Hare, principal consultant, Tim O’Hare Associates LLP

Podium landscapes are an increasingly common element of many landscape schemes, with some projects now built entirely ‘on structure’. Tim will look at the nature and properties of the soils that are best suited to such schemes, and discuss the many issues that need to be factored at the design and specification stages.

  1. Designing valuable landscapes from the soil up

Carolyn Willitts, founder & landscape architect, CW Studio

Carolyn will be discussing the social, ecological and commercial value of designed landscapes, using a recent case study – Moneypenny HQ, an office in a park in Wrexham. Soil will feature, as will SuDs, BREEAM battles, picnics in meadows, and bringing joy into the external environment.

  1. Thinking outside the tree pit – what sustainable urban tree planting really  looks like

Martin Gammie, principal, Consulting with Trees Ltd

Why do we plant trees, and why do so many urban trees fail or become a liability rather than an asset? In terms of the principles and practices of planting trees, where there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, Martin will provide an overview of project-bespoke tree planting solutions that consider secure compatible longevity with the site, its functions and other infrastructure.

  1. An introduction to mycorrhizal fungi

Louisa Robinson Boyer, head of research and development, Plantworks Ltd

Louisa will consider how the use of chemicals and land management practices reduce the fungi present in soils and the role that mycorrhizal fungi can play in helping to efficiently deliver water and nutrients to plants. She will also look at the products on the market which act to re-establish fungal populations, helping plant establishment and health long-term.


Lunch and refreshments provided. Phyllis Court has excellent transport links by road (M40, M4) and rail, with collection from Henley railway station available on the day.

To book online visit www.toha.co.uk

Date:               Wednesday 18 October 2017

Time:               9.00 to 16.30

Location:        Phyllis Court, Marlow Road, Henley on Thames, Oxon RG9 2HT

Cost:                £90 + VAT (LI/BALI/SGD members) or £110 + VAT (non-members)

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