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Spreading Christmas Cheer with sensory garden

The Spirit of Christmas is alive as landscape supplier Green-tech joins other businesses in the landscape industry to answer the call from the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity to design and build a surprise sensory garden for the Taylor Johnson family, whose 5-year-old son Joshua has severe complex physical and neurological disabilities. 

Leading this amazing DIY-SOS style project is Sussex-based landscaping firm Conquest Spaces who set out to do something for the local community this year and asked the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity to refer a family in need of a new garden.

Garden before transformationJoshua Taylor Johnson from Haywards Heath is blind and unable to move without constant support, but he loves the sensory experience that comes from being outside. Unfortunately, the family’s garden consists of a steep, uneven slope, making it impossible for them to take Joshua out in his walking frame. The family have attempted to build ramps and a patio; however, they were forced to abandon works due to high costs. As a result, Joshua spends most of his time inside.

A garden room forms part of the new garden design and Green-tech has donated 80 sedum matting cassettes which will convert the roof into a lush sedum green roof. Sedum is the ideal choice as it needs minimal maintenance, is drought tolerant and requires a minimal substrate layer. It is a well-rooted, low-growing plant therefore it is ideal for the harsh, open environments typically associated with green roofs.

SedumRoss Conquest, MD of Conquest Creative Spaces who is leading this project, “We could immediately see how the sloped landscape made their outdoor space completely inaccessible. Every child should be able to go outside into the fresh air and feel connected to nature, and we are so excited to create a beautiful, safe garden for Joshua and his family to enjoy.”

Commenting on their donation, Green-tech’s Sales Director Richard Gill adds, “This is such an amazing project and I’m delighted that Ross asked us to help in the Garden SOS for the Dame Vera Lynn charity. Joshua sounds like a lovely little boy and I am genuinely thrilled that we can help him and his family. Outdoor green spaces offer huge benefits and it is just fantastic to see all of the companies come together for such a worthwhile cause.  Well done to all involved. A lovely way to round off a difficult year.”

In true DIY-SOS style the team only have five days to complete the construction, which began on Monday 14 of December. The finished garden was revealed to the family on Friday 18 of December.

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