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    The importance of staff retention

    Staff retention can drastically improve business performance for numerous reasons. Pro Landscaper speaks with staffing experts to summarise the crucial reasons below:


    A moderate level of staff turnover is natural in any company and this can be a good thing. Fresh ideas and new approaches are good for development and morale. But a high level of turnover can be unsettling for workers and clients. Training and maintaining a high level of service and brand style can be challenging when constantly introducing new members to the team.

    Lowers internal morale

    Many people – clients and employees alike – value long lasting professional relationships. Colleagues handing in their notice can negatively impact a workers morale and work performance. Strong, long-lasting relationships with fellow workers can increase efficiency and enjoyment of the job. When people feel secure and happy, they tend to give more back.

    Turn off for prospective employees

    A high level of staff turnover can be an indicator of a number of negative factors such as poor salary and benefits. More of these factors are outlined below.

    Talented employees bring profit

    Any organisation will want to retain high performing team members who maximise profit and return on investment (ROI) as much as possible. Companies – particularly those that operate in highly competitive market spaces such as landscaping – cannot afford to lose such workers that give them the competitive edge.

    External reputation

    A high rate of staff turnover is not only alarming to potential new staff. High levels of employee turnover can harm an organisation’s external reputation and cost it business this way.

    Reasons employees leave

    The overarching reason for leaving a job (asides from lifestyle changes such as relocation or career change) is usually low job satisfaction. The most common factors which can contribute to this include:

    • Poor salary and benefits
    • Lack of support, training and development opportunities
    • Lack of work/life balance caused by:
    • Long journey to work

    Unreasonable conditions of employment

    • Poor working environment caused by:
    • Inadequate intercompany and inter-employee relations – resulting from any or all the above
    • Poor management

    How to increase staff retention

    To ensure that any of the above issues don’t arise or go unmissed employers can:

    • Find out why staff are leaving
    • Provide regular opportunities for confidential staff feedback
    • Arrange face-to-face appraisal meetings
    • Arrange exit interviews – it is important to note that people often amend or adjust their reported reasons for leaving because of the necessity to obtain a positive reference

    Establish professional and structured recruitment process and ensure new staff have a realistic idea of what the job entails

    • There are free online resources which help employers to manage this process
    • Improve career development opportunities
    • Employ staff dedicated to staff development support (Human Resources personnel)

    The next step to achieving a higher level of staff retention is resolving any of the above issues. Maintaining a high level of staff retention is important for building a positive reputation amongst prospective employees and clients.

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