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New Stihl Backpack Batteries put to the test by Conquest Creative Spaces

Ross Conquest, managing director, Conquest Creative Spaces

Pro Landscaper has teamed up with Conquest Creative Spaces and Stihl to bring you the rising landscaping company’s verdict on the kit manufacturers latest backpack batteries and kit.

The first products to be tested in this segment are the AR 2000 and the AR 3000 backpack batteries. Each of these are high capacity lithium-ion battery packs, with light indicators to monitor power level, connection cables with AP adapters and harness with lap belt and central buckle.

Everyday Use

After several weeks of use, managing director Ross Conquest gives us his opinion on these backpack batteries.

“They’re very comfortable – ideal for all-day use,” Ross begins. “Using these batteries as an alternative to petrol is so refreshing. No oil spills, half the weight – What’s not to love about them?

When asked if the kit offered any further advantages, Ross tells us: “The Stihl kit that these batteries power, such as blower units and hedge trimmers, performed very well. They operate at such low decibel readings, starting work at the crack of dawn is never an issue.

“They power is so easy to turn on quickly and use with minimal effort.”


A common discrepancy with battery power is its lesser ‘oomph’ as opposed to its petrol counterparts. Ross addressed this by saying: “The pack a decent punch, though we were surprised that these backpack batteries don’t pack any more punch than the AP options.

“Though they last a very long time which is hugely advantageous.”


Stihl AR 3000

“The charge time for the equipment is great,” Ross begins. “A quick 20 to 30-minute charge for the AP batteries and around an hour for the backpacks.”

The build quality appeared to raise some eyebrows with Ross. “Stihl make quality products no doubt, although the amount of plastic used is somewhat concerning.

“However, with the warranties offered by Stihl, any issues would most certainly be easily dealt with by local dealers.”

Value for Money

“For all the new build sites in London banning petrol engines, this kit will continue to become an absolute essential, undoubtedly proving itself as the best on the current market,” says Ross.

“A great piece of kit to keep in every van you have if a 1500watt invertor plug unit is installed.”

In terms of price, he continues: “At £730 and £830 each, the price is high based upon the lithium-ion metals in batteries, but they are certainly a useful item to have. The value is subject to the kind of work you’re doing.”

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