Stihl launches service kits for petrol tools

STIHL has launched a range of service kits for petrol handheld tools.

These help tool owners carry out simple engine maintenance themselves. STIHL believes that this further increases their tools reliability and longevity.
These kits have been developed by STIHL to make routine maintenance quicker and easier. They allow owners to maintain the best performance and reliability they expect from STIHL products.
STIHL’s service kits contain everything needed to carry out servicing on any STIHL petrol hand held power tool engine.
The service kits include an air filter, spark plug and fuel filter, and extra items depending on the specific machine.
The kits also come with a QR code and short URL so users can access how-to videos. These give them step-by-step instructions for replacing the air filter, spark plug and fuel filter.
23 variants of service kit are available. They cover the most popular petrol tools from the manufacturer.
The new service kits can also be used in-store by approved dealers. This makes the process of ordering and carrying out a service quicker and more cost-effective
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