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Sutcliffe Play launches new range of rotators

Sutcliffe Play, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of children’s playground equipment, is introducing a new range of spinners and rotators for 2019.

“We’re always looking to go that extra mile with equipment that’s guaranteed to excite and delight, and our new range of rotators and spinners is no exception,” says Andy Love from Sutcliffe Play.

New products include:

Whirlybob Roundabout

With a simple rotator design aimed at younger users, the Whirlybob Roundabout is centred around a revolving pole, with four curved HPL seats. Users can sit facing inwards or outwards on the roundabout and hold on to one of the four multi steel core ropes for added support.

Hula Rotator

Suitable for most ages, the hula rotator is modelled on the hula hoop, allowing users to stand inside the rotator with a rubber disc at the base that offers security when standing. Additional users can hold the hula ring as a hand grip and run around the outside to make the rotator spin faster or slow down.

Space Trainer

Designed for juniors and teens with added appeal for older age groups, this dynamic rotator is designed to be used by standing on and leaning slightly backwards into the frame for support. Centrifugal force then holds the user in place, allowing for spinning or rotation, whilst leaning backwards means you can keep going faster for longer – offering a more thrilling play experience.


A deceptively simple spinner, with a twist. When the user overbalances, the Maelstrom will spin even faster as users use their own weight to increase centrifugal force. Users can slow down by positioning their legs outwards, while tucking legs in will increase the speed of rotation.

Andy continues: “Our range of spinners and rotators is perfect for any child looking for an exhilarating play experience, whether that be as a standalone item, or as a playground filler when used in conjunction with our wider play offering.”

For more information or to order a catalogue visit:

Or call +44 (0)1977 653 200.

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