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Sydney greens up its wall, roofs and pavements

Sydneys_greening_policyThe city of Sydney has introduced Australia’s very first green roof and wall policy as part of their Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan.

They are recognising the benefit of green roofs and walls to improve the city’s air quality, to add insulation to buildings and reduce energy costs and importantly to lower the urban heat island effects. They are so determined to get this program going that they have committed $75 million to the project over the next ten years.

They are off to a good start with three projects installed in the city following earlier trials. The three projects also feature different adaptations of ‘green walls’:

  • One is a modular green wall made up of 2 x metre planted panels which has been installed on a north facing façade
  • A climbing green wall screen is in place on a south facing wall where plants grow up from the ground with a supporting frame
  • The third is made up of potted, drought resistant Plectranthus plants which are native to the area. These trail down the façade of a car park

Other initiatives will include greening footpaths around the city. Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore comments that increasing Sydney’s tree canopy and other plantings will help make the city “a better place to live, work and visit”.

“Greener streets help improve people’s wellbeing, cool neighbourhoods and support the wildlife that calls Sydney home, such as birds, small mammals and butterflies,” she said.

“Streets and public spaces make up almost a third of our city area. By using these available spaces as garden beds, we can contribute greatly to increasing urban canopy, reducing the impact of the urban heat island effect, as well as filtering storm water before it reaches our harbour and waterways.”

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