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Taking it international

International garden design has always been a source of inspiration for gardens here in the UK. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has influenced design trends in an innovative way, and now, many trends are situated around the prospect of bringing the indoors outside, and creating holiday vibes at home.

As an industry, we have been designing gardens this way for years, but it does appear to be further developing due to the new wide-spread appeal of the ‘fifth room.’

The fifth room is a concept that blurs the lines between the inside and out. It’s all about allocating the garden as another area for comfort, cooking and entertainment.

Therefore, this popular concept has fundamentally determined the contemporary, and future, design of our gardens.


Bright colours spread on ceramic tiles give Moroccan vibes and provide an effective way to introduce texture and pattern. Currently, a popular trend looks at using these tiles to replicate a rug on the patio floor. According to research by Reports And Data, the global ceramic wall tiles market is forecast to grow at a rate of 6.2% CAGR to 2027 as a result of high product demand for renovation activities.

This feature offers a great alternative to outdoor rugs and can be used as a centre piece for an outdoor dining table – perfect for simulating a lounging area.

In relation to this, another lovable trend at the moment is the outside kitchen. As a busy area in the house, for many the kitchen is naturally a place for socialising. So, with this in mind there, it’s no surprise that outdoor kitchens have been on the rise, especially since the start of the pandemic.

Cooking and eating outside sparks a Mediterranean holiday feeling by encouraging people to eat alfresco. In addition, there has been an increase in pizza oven purchases, with many adding one to their garden to recreate holiday vibes. And ultimately, its generally a great and cheaper alternative to the outdoor kitchen.


A cosy trend originating from Denmark is hygge design, which according to CNBC is popular due to the comforting feeling it gives.

Essentially, this is a design that aims to prompt cosiness and great atmosphere. According to … there has been a sharp rise in demand for firepits and cosy seating areas, where the small details such as adding candles, pillows and cushions etc are key in creating hygge.


Another lovable trend that has surfaced over-seas, is Japanese water features. Design principles strive to prompt reflection, tranquillity and balance, so, its clear to see why people might opt for something like this after a stressful year.

Alongside this, we have also taken inspiration from Japandi garden design by incorporating bamboo, ponds, paving, and even rock gardens into our outdoor space – all of which create that zen feeling.

The lockdown forced us to live more of an outside lifestyle, and this is turn has increased the desire of garden space needing to work for people beyond the summer months, in similar ways to our friends overseas.

So, from this perspective, its understandable why outdoor/indoor designs, and attempting to create that ‘fifth room’ of the house, is currently on trend as ultimately, the need to utilise and enhance outside space has become more important than ever.


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