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Talasey Group releases new range of products and services

Talasey Group has introduced a range of new products and services to their 2019 brochure.
The company has spent the past year further diversifying its product portfolio. Along with launching its bespoke training facility, Talasey Training Academy (TTA). Talasey Group’s 2019 brochure, is a testament to their core values and commitment to the landscaping industry. It offers more landscaping materials, colours, styles and sizes, which meet customer demands.
The Italian porcelain paving range, Vitripiazza has seen the most change. Recognising this customer demand, it decided to expand its product offerin. This was with the addition of 12 new Vitripiazza ranges, 48 new SKU’s!
The range spans from entry-level products for smaller budgets; Almare, Bellezza and Anno, to high-end products; Guidare and Colosso. There are also three ranges of wall cladding; Nerali, Rok and Mattoni. A ‘Made to Order Service’ has also been introduced to the range. This will enable customers’ to request bespoke edgings, etchings and other special requests.
It has also added 11 ‘special order’ colours to their resin bound aggregates range. Resiscape, a range of unique colours, that offer something a little different to customers. As well as, crushed glass, which can be used during installation to provide extra anti-slip to the surface. A new accessory has also been added to the Pavetuf range, known as Pavetuf Risers. A unique elevated system which can be installed underneath paving or decking surfaces, to promote good airflow.
For further information about Talasey Group or to request a copy of the 2019 Brochure, visit or call 0330 333 8030. 
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