The all-new London look: replicating Canary Wharf’s green glow up for residential projects

Living wall provider, Growing Revolution, explains how the living wall look is easily achieved for residential interior design or garden landscaping projects

Canary Wharf, London’s central business district, has traded its corporate exterior for a greener look, transforming its neutral walls with over 12,000 plants in an expansive living wall display. Living walls are growing in popularity as sustainable lifestyles penetrate design and landscaping briefs.

The district’s living wall makeover was delivered using 3,000 PlantBoxes (a clever and versatile living wall product) to create a pleasant and relaxing space, countering the usual rush of city life. On a smaller scale, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to achieve the same serenity at home by better connecting with nature. Interior and landscape designers are often using living walls to achieve this for their clients, leaning on vertical structures to introduce more greenery to the home, without eating into valuable floorspace, or requiring an extensive garden.

PlantBox, credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design web

Growing Revolution, creator and manufacturer of the PlantBox living wall system, says that Canary Wharf’s new look is one that is easily achieved in residential homes and gardens too. Matt Lindsay, General Manager at Growing Revolution, said: “One of our landscaping partners, Biotecture, used the PlantBox system to bring Canary Wharf to life. The brief was to allow the space to better work with nature, as one of the area’s many steps to becoming a more sustainable part of the city. From conversations with residential landscapers and interior designers, we’re unsurprised that this brief isn’t too dissimilar to what private clients are also hoping to achieve at home. The PlantBox system is a product we’ve recommended for large projects such as that in Canary Wharf and for DIY home renovations.”

PlantBox is designed to create a versatile and low maintenance living wall, reflecting the requests of many residential clients. The system is loadbearing and only requires restraint fixings, allowing for vertical gardens to be quickly and efficiently delivered in private residences.

As a modular system, the PlantBox can be extended, reconfigured, or moved allowing landscapers and interior designers to offer their clients reassurance in terms of future flexibility.

Additionally, each PlantBox trough has a 1.8 litre water reservoir and capillary felt that allows plants to draw up the water they need. The cascading overflow system allows the walls to be watered easily and avoids the risk of overwatering and water wastage.

Matt Lindsay added: “A living wall is completely customisable to your client’s space, light and plant preferences. You can easily create a breathing wall of houseplants inside or turn a plain outdoor wall into a beautiful feature or productive vertical garden, often responding to several of the client’s requests, ticking the aesthetic and sustainability box in one go.”

Growing Revolution is one of the UK’s leading living wall suppliers. With its innovative PlantBox product, it is helping more people access green space. Made from 100% recycled materials and with a cascading watering system that simplifies plant care, its product was a 2021 RHS Chelsea Sustainable Garden Product of the Year finalist.

Growing Revolution Trade partners receive a number of benefits such as quantity-based discounts, drop shipping, marketing material, installation and assembly support plus much more. Visit to find out more.

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