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The Arboriculture Association 50th National Amenity Conference

On the 4th of September through to the 7th of September, The Arboricultural Association are hosting their 50th National Amenity Conference in Keele University, Staffordshire.

At this conference, there will be 7 international speakers and 29 speaker sessions. Among these international speakers, Professor Francisco Escobedo, who is a professor at the Universidad del Rosario, in Bogotá, Columbia and he was previously Professor and Extension Specialist at the University of Florida and Research Forester with the USDA Forest Service.

Professor Escobedo is a specialist in Urban and community forest management and planning with over 20 years of research, extension and teaching experiences with i-Tree, Forestry and ecosystem service assessments. He has carried out extensive research into i-Tree internationally, particularly in the United States and South America. For the first time in the UK, and In line with the Conference title of ‘Planning for the Future’, Francisco will present case studies from different international communities and cities that used aspects of i-Tree software to achieve a range of different objectives. Amongst his research findings he’ll also share recommendations, including successes and failures, from case studies for the use of i-Tree.

The array of speakers scheduled for the 50th National Amenity conference provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of new research and developments across 6 key themes: Urban Tree Management and Tree Health (Monday sessions), Planning and Development & Natural Capital and Infrastructure (Tuesday sessions), Arboricultural Practice and Tree Risk Management (Wednesday Sessions).

In recent years technologies like i-Tree have advanced to enable more accurate methods for assessing urban tree resources and the ecosystem service and benefits they provide. On the first day of the conference delegates have the chance to gain a thorough understanding of the history, developments and deployment of the software and how it has become a crucial part of Urban Forest management in the USA and Canada.

If you are interested in attending, book your place online now at

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