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The best thing about FutureScape Spring? You

by | 19 Feb 20 | Community, News

It’s all about YOU. The focus is on YOUR landscape business at FutureScape Spring this March. If ever there was a must-attend event in your field – this is it. Join the FutureScape Spring event and take your place amongst the key influential figures that will gather to connect, meet and drive future growth across your industry.

Help shape and develop your industry

1 in 125 people in the UK are employed in the landscape industry. Not only is your business success critical to you, your colleagues and associates, it’s critical in the shaping and development of the industry itself. We’re all in it together, and we’ll be in the best place on Tuesday 17 March 2020 to see a snapshot of it at first-hand: FutureScape Spring.

The seminar programme for this year’s event is now live! Click here to view it. 

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