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The Environment Bill will be introduced today

by | 30 Jan 20 | News, Sustainability

The Environment Bill will be introduced today (30/01/20) following its return to Parliament after the General Election.

The Environment Bill is said to help ensure that we maintain and improve our environmental protections as we leave the EU. Measures will be introduced to improve air and water quality, tackle plastic pollution and restore habitats so plants and wildlife can thrive.
The Bill will ensure that this government – and future governments – are held to account if they fail to uphold their environmental duties. This includes meeting net-zero by 2050 and wider long-term legally binding targets on biodiversity, air quality, water, and resource efficiency and waste management that are established under the Bill.
The enhanced Bill will also create new powers to stop the exports of polluting plastic waste to developing countries.
And, as announced for the first time today, it will conduct a review every two years of significant developments in international legislation on the environment. The Government will then publish this review and ensure its findings are factored into its Environmental Improvement Plan and environmental target setting process, both of which will be enshrined in law.
The Bill builds on this government’s decisive action to protect the environment, as set out in our 25 Year Environment Plan. Legislation to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and hosting the Climate-focused COP26 in 2020 will also keep the UK at the forefront of international work on these issues.
For more information on the Bill, click here. 

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