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The history of the cherry blossom tree

by | 27 Nov 23 | Nature & Biodiversity, News

Whilst the recognition of and the importance of trees is increasing, maybe now more so than ever, as the threats of climate change become more significant – this #NationalTreeWeek , we’re taking a moment to really appreciate some of our personal favourites.  

Delicate in appearance and longevity, the cherry blossom tree is a symbol of fleeting life and the fragile nature of existence – showcased throughout its short 16–20-year lifespan.  

Blooming for only one week a year, at the beginning of April, the cherry blossoms welcome the spring seasons and present the renewal of energy. Known as “sakura” in Japanese, the tree is a huge part of the culture also incredibly contradictory – representing life and death, beauty and violence.  

Often referred to as a symbol of the samurai, whose brief but vibrant life followed a strict moral code of respect, honor, and discipline, known as “bushido”. The fallen petals of the cherry blossoms would be used as a metaphor for the warriors passing.  

With such a significant and rich history, the importance and the legacy of these trees can still be found in modern society. The Japanese Women’s Club in Amsterdam for example, had donated and individually named over 400 cherry blossom trees in the year 2000 – and they continue to bloom every year. Truly a sight to behold.  

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