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The history of the maple tree  

by | 28 Nov 23 | Nature & Biodiversity

Whilst the recognition of and the importance of trees is increasing, maybe now more so than ever, as the threats of climate change become more significant – this #NationalTreeWeek , we’re taking a moment to really appreciate some of our personal favourites.  

Powerful in their appearance with the ability to produce syrup from its sap, the maple tree is renowned colour in autumn months. With over 150 species of maple around the globe, it’s origin dates back to over 120 million years ago, fossilized in sap and stones its thought that the ice age played a part in its distribution as seeds were spread and planted in every continent. 

In the right conditions, maples are a low maintenance and fuss free species – they thrive in semi-sheltered areas with well drained, peat free soil – meaning they have been able to remain established across Asia, North America, Europe and North Africa.  

The dense hardwood has been sought after for generations, with it being a popular choice for furniture with the Romans, as well as its combination of strength and resonance making it a favourable choice for violins amongst similar musical instruments. 

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