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The Landscape Academy hosts mental health seminar

The Landscape Academy talks to us about its upcoming mental health seminar, running on December 1.


Mental Health in the workplace is becoming of key importance to businesses in the UK, with the Covid-19 outbreak highlighting just how crucial this has now become. Employers understand they have a duty of care to protect the health and safety of their employees, and there is a growing realisation that this also needs to include mental health. It is not just employers who can help, co-workers and friends can also take proactive measure to look after their own welfare, as well as those around them. Companies and colleagues who inspire a positive, open, and supportive environment, create a culture of well-being and a workplace where people can feel secure and thrive as individuals and as part of a team.

At the Landscape Academy we firmly believe having trained and knowledgeable staff on hand goes a long way to providing a more understanding and friendly workplace. As part of our drive to promote well-being, we have partnered with Mental Health First Aid for England (MHFA) to bring you a one-hour seminar on Mental Health in the Workplace on Tuesday, 1 December 2020 at 1pm. For only £25 (+VAT) , this online seminar will help identify mental health factors and signals to be aware of in the workplace, in your colleagues and friends, as well as maintaining your own self-awareness, and the positive steps which can be taken by all.

As a Perennial Partner, The Landscape Academy are aware of the increased demands Perennial have faced in providing mental health advice to the industry over the past year.  To help support the outstanding charitable efforts Perennial carry out to help those in need, we will be donating £5 from every sale.

To join us for the seminar, or find out more about the courses we offer, including our other mental health courses such as Mental Health First Aid, contact us at [email protected]

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