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The most powerful 6″ woodchippers in the world

Class-leading. There’s no other way to describe the Först ST6D 42 and TR6D 42 woodchippers, simply because they are the most powerful 6” chippers currently available anywhere in the world. Unmatched by any other brand, these two machines are the fastest and most powerful 6” chippers on the market and are a firm favourite with landscapers and contractors wanting to chip as quickly as possible with minimal snedding.

Both machines display true power and performance thanks to the famous Först flywheel and FörstGrip feed roller systems, and benefit from an extremely robust all steel construction. The 42 horsepower Doosan DPF, Stage V compliant diesel engine ensure the machines will power through hard wood just as easily as hawthorn.

For applications where a wheeled machine is the most appropriate, the ST6D 42 is the chipper that changed the game and continues to do so with the 42 horsepower version offering performance to match other brands 8” machines. If a tracked chipper is what you need, then the TR6D 42 is a ‘go anywhere’ machine that takes power and performance in to the most remote of job sites.

Both machines are of course backed by Först’s market-leading customer service team, FörstAssist, and a 3 year warranty as standard. In England and Wales you also benefit from being able to buy from Först directly. If you’re located outside of England and Wales, then our approved dealer network have been fully vetted and trained to deliver the same Först service levels you would expect.

Visit forstglobal.com and book a demo of the ST6D 42 or TR6D 42 to experience the true power and performance of these incredible machines.

For more information please visit: www.forstglobal.com

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