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The National Tree Officers Conferences returns this November

by | 07 Mar 24 | Commercial Landscaping, Nature & Biodiversity, News

Now in its ninth year, the National Tree Officers Conference will be returning on 6 November 2024, set to take place in Leeds, Yorkshire.

The conference is being hosted by the Association of Tree Officers (ATO), Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), London Tree Officers Association (LTOA) and the Municipal Tree Officers’ Association (MTOA).

Developed for tree officers, the National Tree Officers Conference 2024 presents tree, woodland and planning professionals the opportunity to present their latest findings, best practices and upcoming innovations.

The event is looking for presentation proposals relevant to local authority tree management, with partially interest in the following subjects;

Pests and diseases, planting and species selection, climate change mitigation/increasing resilience, planning and development, ancient/veteran tree management, biosecurity, managing physical damage (e.g. deer, squirrel, dogs, vandalism), public/stakeholder engagement, trees and the law, local authority tree management (including felling procedures, risk assessment and subsidence) and the use of tree data for management, information and influence.

Proposals can be submitted to, with a 100 -150 word description, along with a provisional title, using ‘NTOC 2024 presentation proposal – [Your Name]’ as the email subject line.

They will be reviewed with quality, relevance, the practical nature of the material and potential audience appeal as key assessment criteria.

Submissions are open now and will close Friday 17 May 2024.

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