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The Savills and David Harber Garden to feature largest green wall ever seen at Chelsea

The Savills and David Harber Garden will feature one of the largest green walls ever seen at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.
Measuring 32m x 3m = 96m, the wall will house over 3,000 individual plants. This will include ferns, grasses, ivies and herbaceous flowering plants. All of which have been carefully selected both for their aesthetic and importance to British woodland eco-systems.
With floor space at a premium, especially in London, and as space to curate a garden is becoming increasing hard to find, particularly in urban areas, the way that plants are integrated has begun to change to maximise the efficiency in which space is used. This has led to a trend for green walls or ‘vertical gardens’ that deliver all of the benefits of plants without sacrificing any floor space.
Not only do they provide a dramatic aesthetic impact, they are also vital resources in improving the local environment.
Andrew Duff comments:
“Green walls are a wonderful addition to the garden. They allow you to maximise the space by taking plants up the wall. Planting a green wall in your garden really helps improve the pollution absorption rate as well as adding an additional haven for wildlife. I particularly like the aesthetic benefits of green walls. Using small leaved plants, as we have done on the Chelsea garden help, adds additional depth to a garden especially when larger leaved varieties are planted in front.”
The green wall, produced by Meristem Design, is now installed on ‘The Savills and David Harber Garden’.

Green wall plant list

Asplenium scolopendrium
Polystichum setiferum proliferum
Ploystichum aceleatum
Asplenium trichomanes
Carex pendula
Hedera helix
Geranium robertianum
Carex divulsa

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