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    The SGD has announced the finalists in The SGD Awards 2020

    A shortlist of 23 projects has been announced across 13 award categories include a cliff garden in Bermuda, a roof garden and basement courtyard in an old factory building in London, a family garden on an exposed cliff top overlooking the North Sea and a modern meadow.

    Selected by a panel of leading figures in the garden design industry, the projects represent some of the very best in garden design from the UK and abroad. spanning residential gardens, public and commercial spaces and community projects. 

    For the first time, the shortlist also includes contenders for the Beth Chatto Award, introduced this year to highlight the global impact ecological planting can have, by recognising a project where the design demonstrates the creative, ecological use of materials and planting to maximise sustainability, minimise maintenance and attract pollinators and wildlife.  

    Butter Wakefield – Ribbon Wheel Garden

    Charlotte Rowe Garden Design; Principal Designer Charlotte Rowe – Chiswick Garden

    Photo credit Marianne Majerus

    Hampstead Garden designed by Rosemary Coldstream

    Photo credit Richard Bloom 

    Edward Freeman MSGD – Adare Manor 

    Photo credit Paul Lehane

    John Davies – Stylus

    Marian Boswall MSGD – Contemporary Courtyard 

    Photo Jason Ingram

    Jane Brockbank MSGD – Pocket Garden 

    Photo credit Marianne Majerus


    Stuart Craine MSGD – Thornhill Road

    Photo credit Marianne Majerus

    Mandy Buckland MSGD – Modern Meadow

    Sue Townsend MSGD – Samphire 

    Photo credit Marianne Majerus

    Sue Townsend MSGD – Sea Dune 

    Photo credit  Marianne Majerus

    Bowles & Wyer; Principal Designer John Wyer FSGD – Addenbrookes Hospital NHS 70 Garden

    Caroline Butler – Urban Courtyard

    Caitlin McLaughlin – Courtyard House

    Jane Ashley – St Albans Avenue

    Helen Elks-Smith MSGD – Lymington Garden

    Photo credit Richard Bloom

    Gavin McWilliam MSGD, Andrew Wilson FSGD & John Davies – Changping Penglai Hot Spring

    Sara Jane Rothwell MSGD – Hermitage Lane

    Photo credit  Marianne Majerus

    Gavin McWilliam MSGD, Andrew Wilson FSGD & John Davies – Changping Penglai Hot Spring

    Marian Boswall MSGD – Sussex Farmhouse 

    Photo credit Jason Ingram

    Acres Wild; Principal Designer Debbie Roberts MSGD – Blue Doors

    Photo credit Marianne Majerus

    Adolfo Harrison MSGD – East Dulwich

    Photo credit Mischa Haller

    Andy Sturgeon FSGD – Snowberry Hill 

    Photo credit Helen Fickling

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