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The spBI Awards: sustainability, creativity and general knowledge all mixed into one!

With the search for this year’s small project BIG IMPACT (spBI) Award winners well under way, Pro Landscaper speaks to headline sponsor Provender Nurseries’ marketing manager Liz Hughes on why people should be vying for the top trophies

Now in their fourth year, Pro Landscaper’s small project BIG IMPACT Awards have become an important addition to the horticulture calendar. “I like the idea that it showcases smaller companies,” says Liz Hughes. “It’s really good to be able showcase what the average person out there would spend on a garden and what they would get for it.”

The awards bring together reality and creativity within an achievable budget. Liz and Provender believe the awards are a great opportunity as “there aren’t very many platforms (for designers and landscapers) within that budget to showcase their work.” The awards offer a great way for people within the industry to show what they are capable of.

One thing that Provender is hoping to see from the entries is a good diverse set of plants. It has its eyes peeled for something “quirky” and “left of centre,” according to Liz Hughes. Provender will have its eyes peeled for “a garden or a design that has the client in mind, sticks to the budget, and has some diversity values and greener ethics” in addition to some plant knowledge, such as plants that thrive in the same soil.

Provender’s decision to sponsor the spBI Awards comes down to its support of small business in general. In addition to this, some of the entries have been from Provender’s own clients, enabling it to see its own products being used to create fantastic designs.

With its vast array of products, from a multitude of plants and compost, Provender Nurseries has the ability to help its clients get all the products they need to create their own dream garden.

To continue to be sustainable and eco-friendly, Provender is planning on growing its own stock, therefore cutting down on shipping costs and reducing its own carbon footprint. In addition to this, Provender is now harvesting its rainwater and using mainly electric forklifts around sight, with the hope of becoming fully electrical.

Ultimately, Provender is very excited for the awards and cannot wait to see the projects created with the idea of sustainability, creativity and general knowledge all mixed into one.

For more information on how to enter this year’s small project BIG IMPACT Awards, click here.

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