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    Three Peaks Extreme Challenge – time to donate!

    With only one month to go until Three Peaks Extreme, we find out how the challengers are shaping up. The team now need your donations – see below for how to pledge your support

    Brian Herbert – Outdoor Options:

    Training –100 miles cycle per week plus two gym sessions and completed the London to Paris off road as a training ride. February and March were painful, I never knew you could get that cold on a bike. April and May brought better conditions but work became more demanding. Points of focus are: diet, bike food, cadence, heart rates, physio visits (I had a twisted hip which cycling was aggravating), a fortune spent on kit (on top of bike layout), lower back pain, feeling guilty when leaving my five year old son playing football on his own whilst I squeeze in another training ride, cramps, hydration techniques, on average one stupid driver per week to contend with, killer pot holes, finalising routes, and sorting bike and kit transport to Scotland.

    Paul Downer – Oak View Landscapes:

    I’ve been following the extreme three peaks training manual produced by Mountain and Glen since March. This has comprised of two gym sessions and three cycle rides, averaging 80 miles a week. The biggest pressure has been juggling cycling with other commitments. I am getting used to the feeling that my legs should ache all the time, as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! I have had two near crashes, the first when travelling at 34 mph downhill I realised I was not going to make the sharp left hand bend and secondly, when a car pulled out in front of me and I had to make an emergency stop, only just getting my left foot out of its clip! I feel fitter and healthier and have substantially cut down my alcohol intake; I’m also eating a healthier diet. I bought a road bike for my 15 year old son James and he has come out with me on rides, something I’m sure we will carry on after the challenge.

    Lorraine Hartley – Provender Nurseries:

    I could say it’s a lifelong challenge achieved, or a great challenge in the name of charity but honestly I just fancy climbing some mountains with a load of landscapers! On a vaguely serious note – I’m a keen walker and spend many weekends exploring the South Downs so really this is a natural progression. Training, so far so good, there are a few steep hills near me which after a few reps certainly get the heart rate going. I’ve found that downhill muscle groups and strong ankles are just as important as the up-hill muscles, as are knee supports!

    John Wyer – Bowles & Wyer:

    I’m training as hard as I can, given work commitments. Matt O’Conner, Darren Skidmore and I have been doing longer rides. We just did one that was 100 miles (although I did 107m as I got lost!). We have also completed a long ride in the Chilterns which although is only about 80 miles, it’s all hills. I cycled to court (during recent jury service) and back every day across the Chilterns.


    The Landscapers Team:

    Brian Herbert – Outdoor Options

    Richard Gardiner – Norris & Gardiner

    Paul Downer – Oak View Landscapes

    Mark Gregory – Landform Consultants

    John Wyer – Bowles & Wyer

    Robert & Cora Crowder – Crowders Nurseries

    Matt O’Conner – John O’Conner

    Jim Brasier – Jim Brasier Landscapes

    Simon Cox – Gavin Jones

    Darren Skidmore – Skidmores

    Ed Belderbos – Belderbos Landscapes

    Nigel Bowcock – Acre Landscapes

    Grant Beerling – Bartholomews

    Greg Skilbeck – Silverland Stone

    Andy Moreham – Rochfords

    Support Crew & Mountain Climbs:

    Liz Hughes – Provender Nurseries

    Lorraine Hartley – Provender Nurseries

    Dan Riddleston – Bowles & Wyer




    TEXT NUTS67 TO 70070 TO DONATE £5

    OR JUSTGIVING www.justgiving.com/3PeaksExtreme

    Contact email: [email protected]

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