Three tiers for award-winning garden

Tasked with transforming a small overgrown garden into an aesthetic oasis of urban tranquillity, Green Acorn Landscape Design set about delivering an award-winning landscaping project that would satisfy the client’s requirements. To overcome a number of challenges, not least a steep incline that sloped towards the house, a striking three-tier approach was adopted.

Based in the North-West of England but with customers spanning across the globe, Green Acorn Landscape Design has worked on a diverse range of projects. Owned and run by landscaping expert Greg Jacobs, it specialises in modern and contemporary outdoor living spaces. Even so, when approached to provide a solution for a cramped, untidy, and overgrown garden in Wigan, it was clear that an innovative design was required.

award-winning three tiered landscaping from a top down garden view
three-tiered garden

“First and foremost, the client wanted the garden to be modernised and serviceable, which was challenging enough given the topography of the space,” explains Greg. “But it also needed to have that aesthetic ‘wow factor’. Their daughter’s prom night was coming up, so along with making sure the garden could form a picturesque backdrop for the evening, they also wanted to make outdoor living a bigger part of their lifestyle.”

An uphill task

To combat the steep incline of the garden, Green Acorn Landscape Design opted for a three-tiered approach. This enabled each level to have its own identity, which ensured the garden met the various requirements of the client. The bottom level allowed for outdoor eating and entertaining, the middle space for relaxation in the sunshine, and the top level – containing a water feature and pergola – facilitated relaxation in a more sheltered space.


Greg continues: “To remain in-keeping with the house brickwork, similar materials and colours were used throughout the design in the dividing walls and red cedar fencing. It ensures continuity of aesthetic, and provides a photogenic view across all three levels when seen from the kitchen window.”

Go with the flow

Crucially, the visually striking aesthetic of the garden needed to be underpinned by an effective yet discreet water management solution that would mitigate the significant effect of the slope towards the house and prevent pooling of water at the bottom of the tiers.

“Drainage is key to any project, but particularly this one with it being a tiered garden,” says Greg. “It allows surface water to be directed elsewhere from site to waste, which in turn prevents flooding, a build-up of water, and unsightly pools adjacent to the house.

“We opted for ACO HexDrain® Brickslot owing to its minimalistic look. Its discreet appearance means it can fit into virtually any garden design, and we do in fact use it across all of our projects as a result. The Brickslot is also very small in terms of its footprint, which for a garden tight on space, such as this one, is a further advantage.”

Robert Butcher, Design Services Manager at ACO Water Management, comments: “Our HexDrain Brickslot solution is popular predominantly for its aesthetic benefits, given its small profile and sleek design. However, from our perspective we want to make sure it performs as it needs to, both from a hydraulic capacity point of view but also in terms of installation.

“Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, the channels clip together for quick and easy installation which minimises disruption to live projects. It ultimately provides peace of mind when it comes to water management, and allows landscapers to focus on meeting their clients’ demands.”

Award winning results

The innovative three-tired approach to the project has resulted in Green Acorn Landscape Design winning a 2020 BALI National Landscape Award. It is recognition of a bespoke design which met the various criteria of the client, in the face of a challenging set of circumstances.

With drainage set to continue as a key consideration in building and landscaping projects, it is vital that companies such as Green Acorn Landscape Design have access to solutions which are both practical, and in-keeping with core aesthetic values. This has become a cornerstone of ACO HexDrain® Brickslot, and the many projects it features in.

award-winning landscaping three-tiered garden at night wide view
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