Three tips to perfect level access

Pro Landscaper has partnered with ACO Water Management to bring you a series of tips and advice to help deliver effective drainage in landscaping projects.

The first in the series looks at level threshold drainage, which is common practice across a wide range of building and landscaping projects. Here, we share three top tips when it comes to delivering the best finish with a level threshold.

  1. Avoid flooding

The first consideration when installing drainage is to ensure it performs its role to maximum efficiency – ie to manage rainwater effectively. To achieve an efficient performance, it’s important that threshold drainage channels are installed 3-5mm below the adjacent paving level. This will ensure that water will not flow back on the paving during heavy rainfall. Additionally, it is also recommended that paving is laid to fall away from the building where possible, and run off is captured in a secondary system, if needed.

  1. Achieve a high-end finish

Drainage has an important role to play in achieving a high-end finish at building thresholds, gardens and landscaping, with different finishes available. For example, ACO’s new Threshold Drain CorTen finish follows the growing trend of creating a rust appearance upon exposure to rainwater. When light-coloured paving, it is recommended that CorTen gratings corrode on a safe location. Then, they should be installed on the channels once the patina has developed.

ACO’s Threshold Drain is also available with silver or black aluminium gratings. Using ACO’s Visualizer tool will show landscapers how the different options look in your project.

  1. Ensure compliance

When selecting threshold drainage, it is important that landscapers respect the damp proof course (DPC). It is also critical that the products are compliant with the latest building regulations. Products compliant to Part M of the Building Regulations (for England and Wales) and Section 4 of the Scottish Building Standards should be sought.

It is recommended that you speak to your local building control team and architect, to see if you need any special requirements regarding level access.

To understand how ACO Threshold Drainage can support your next landscaping project, visit:

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