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Timberplay introduces new Water Combination for children

There is little as alluring as water play, particularly as we prepare to enter the long school summer holidays and a new product from Timberplay has combined the popular Mushroom Pump with a wooden platform featuring two friendly fish. This Water Combination ‘Small Fish’ is proving very attractive for toddlers who find the Mushroom Pump very easy to manipulate, and the stairs behind the Fish enable younger children to easily access the water source. The combination of channels and sand table helps children understand how water flows, creating and controlling the passage of water as it makes its way along the equipment.

In terms of inclusive play equipment, there is little more popular than waterplay, which fascinates children from the very young through to teenagers. Managing Director at Timberplay, Paul Collings comments:-

”Having worked on countless play developments over the past 15 years, I believe that Waterplay is the single most effective way of providing varied and inclusive play opportunities for a large number of children. In fact, if I had my wish, every play area would include a playground pump. This new Fish Platform combination is a great way to significantly enhance a toddler play area and sits very well alongside sand play and other toddler equipment.”

For more information on the Water Combination ‘Small Fish’, please call 0114 282 3474 or email [email protected]


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