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Tony Benger reshuffles leadership team

by | 27 Mar 23 | Community, News, Supplier News

Tony Benger Landscaping (TBL) has formed a new leadership team.

The company has appointed four directors to sit alongside founder Tony Benger “in order to safeguard our future” and to “maintain the brand and culture”.

Existing senior managers Gabriele Pangonyte, Oliver Hemson, Mark Pritchard and Olivia Warren-Benger “have collaborated to take over the reins in the upcoming years”, said TBL. “With a strict handle on our current bearing, culture, dynamism, passion and shared values, this team will continue to shoulder responsibility for our course and our cause.”

Posting on LinkedIn, TBL added: “All staff are pleased to remain a secure and invaluable part of our long-term vision to be the contractor of choice in the region.”

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