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Top 6 Houseplants of 2021

Houseplants are hotter than ever right now and are the perfect friend for the home office or as part of an interior design scheme. Bringing some green into your home is proven to offer a great deal benefits for our mental health and well being. Ian Drummond shares his top houseplants for 2021

1 Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Moonshine’ (Mother-in-law’s tongue ‘Moonshine’)

Striking, silver-leaved, sword like foliage originating from the barren landscapes of Africa. It thrives in very arid conditions, meaning it can live happily in our centrally heated homes.  It is a very low maintenance plant and easy to care for.


2 Asplenium antiquum (Bird’s nest fern)

The bird’s nest fern is so called because of its habit to grow in clumps on trees and branches, resembling a bird’s nest. An ideal houseplant for the bathroom as it does well in humid conditions


3 Monstera adansonii (Monkey Mask)

Related to the Swiss cheese plant, it has holes on the leaves that appear to have been cut out. It can be trained to climb or left to trail. A great addition to any room.


 4 Euphorbia tirucalli (Milk bush)

This tree-like houseplant has almost alien looking succulent branches which store water. It originates from semi-arid countries. A very easy to care for plant.

5 Calathea medallion (Zebra Plant ‘Medaillon’)

Known for its exquisite leaf markings, the Medallion take its name because from its large, round, plate-sized leaves and its beautiful deep purple undersides.

 6 Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant)

Originating from China and said to bring good fortune to its owner, the Pilea peperomioides has attractive circular green leaves that sit at the end of its stalks.


Ian Drummond is creative director of In-tray Plants and Indoor Garden Design. He is an RHS Chelsea Flower Show multi-medal winner and co-author of At Home with Plant.

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