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Top 7 books on gardening for World Book Day

by | 07 Mar 24 | Domestic Landscaping, Long Reads

Whether you’re an aspiring green-thumb looking for a way to expand your gardening knowledge, or an experienced nature-based professional looking for inspiration for your next design.

Maybe you work in the horticulture sector, in a non-nature facing role and want to explore the realm of greenery further, we’re here to help.

In honor of World Book Day, Pro Landscaper has asked hobbyist gardener and book reviewer, Sophie Holmes to share her top seven books on gardening.

Her choices explore the possibilities of urban gardening, all the way to the medicinal properties found in plants and planting for pollinators, ensuring whatever you hope to get from your time with nature, this list has you covered.


My Houseplant Changed My Life

by David Domoney

You might not have a garden but that doesn’t mean you can’t have plants. ‘My Houseplant Changed My LIfe’ is the perfect guide to indoor gardening. 

With simple yet detailed guides on how to grow over 100 different types of houseplant and how they can benefit your health, this book is perfect for people who don’t have an outside space to cultivate a garden. 



You Will Be Able To Garden By The End Of This Book

by Simon Akeroyd

Starting a garden can be a daunting prospect but with this book, Simon Akeroyd gives you simple step-by-step guides on how to get started. There are twelve chapters that cover a wide range of topics including plant maintenance, growing vegetables, garden design, and so much more.

You also get guides on sustainable gardening and how your garden can impact local wildlife. This really is the perfect gardening book for beginners. 


A Love Affair With Peonies

by Alec White

Not only does this book show you how to grow and care for peonies, it takes you on a journey into an in-depth look at the flower. You get White’s personal experiences in showcasing wonderful peony exhibitions. 

You get a look at the cultural significance of the flower throughout literature and art. This book provides so much insight. Passion and experience really shine in this book from the brilliant Alec White. 



Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland

by Lisa Schneidau

Now this isn’t your traditional gardening book, this is a collection of stories that explore the relationship between people and plants. Schneidau looks at plants from all kinds of places: fields, moors, woodlands and more. 

There are tales from the yew tree, the dandelion, and everything in between. This is perfect for those who want to learn how botany, the environment, and living heritage can link together.  


Planting For Honeybees

by Sarah Wyndham Lewis

Bees are the hero of any garden but the decrease in green spaces over recent years has endangered the honeybee. This book shows you that it’s easier than you might think to help the bees. 

Stunning illustrations are paired with simple guides to show you how to create a garden that can help the honeybees to flourish! 



The Curious Gardener: A Gardening Year

by Anna Pavord

This is the perfect guide to gardening throughout the year with 12 easy to follow chapters. Each chapter represents a month of the year and includes the best plants you can grow each month. 

You’ll find no shortage of plants covered with flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables all covered. Pavord also includes reflections on affect of weather, soil, and landscape. Everything you need to cultivate your garden is included in this brilliant book. 


The Garden Apothecary: Recipes, Remedies, and Rituals

by Christine Iverson

This stunning book shows you how you can make the most of plants in your garden with easy to follow recipes. From tasty treats to herbal cures and even beauty products, there is so much to uncover. Iverson includes photos to help you identify plants and plenty of helpful tips on how to best utilise them. This book is the perfect guide to making the most out of your garden in a sustainable and ethical way.  



Podcaster and children’s gardening educator Lee Connelly, also known as the Skinny Jean Gardener, has also been getting involved in the celebrations by sending out free copies of his book, ‘How to Get Kids Gardening’, to every child who dresses up as him on this literary focused day.   

A selection of these books are also available through the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society), which today celebrates its 220th birthday.

For more information on World Book Day, visit

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